Youth Lessons

picThe benefits of music lessons are widely recognized and documented; and for good reason! Just a few of the benefits include boosting IQ and cognitive function, improving emotional regulation, and improving self-esteem.

“I want that for my kid!” you say. Before you run out to sign them up, what do you need to consider?

Finding the right teacher
An important part of the equation – Good music teachers look at the child and their needs as a whole and develop an individual approach to learning. Experienced teachers help children to learn and understand the subtleties of music rather than teaching them a few songs. InTune’s teachers are some of Windsor’s most diversely-trained, experienced and passionate individuals. Schedule a trial lesson to determine if one of our private teachers is the right fit for your child.

Much like other extra-curricular activities, music lessons are a big commitment. You will need to bring your child to weekly lessons, attend their performances, and ensure they are practicing. Overworked kids in many extra curriculars are often too burnt out to practice daily. Determine if you have the time available for both lessons and practice to ensure that your child can be successful.

Your involvement
Please know that your child may or may not initiate practicing. It is completely normal for you to need to remind them daily. Find a practice routine that works for your child and stick with it. You’re not just teaching them to play an instrument – you are helping to form the life skills of  time management, commitment, and perseverance.



At InTune, we understand that setting and achieving short-term goals is crucial to long-term success. Whereas many music schools offer only 1 or 2 formal recitals per year, we plan frequent diverse performance opportunities for your kids to sign up for, including coffeehouses, concerts, farmer’s markets, music festivals, examinations and more. The result? Our students become comfortable and confident performing in front of crowds in both low and higher pressure situations. Please know performance opportunities are optional, but highly recommended for maximum development.

Seeing your child’s progression of musical ability and development over time is one of the most rewarding experiences you can imagine.

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