Adult Music Lessons

We understand that adult learning is inherently different from childhood learning.

It is very common for adults to experience some apprehension when thinking about studying an instrument. We often hear adults saying they feel that they’re too old to start something new, or that they don’t have any musical talent. We realize it can be stressful, and so we do everything we can to help keep your experience positive and motivating, focusing on the emotional, cognitive and all-encompassing benefits that making music has to offer.

 Here are some examples of students who have studies or currently study at InTune:

  • A woman in her twenties wanting to learn her mother’s favourite Christmas song to play as a surprise on Christmas day

  • A university student taking voice lessons to improve her weekly Karaoke performances

  • A man in his 40s searching to understand the ‘mystery’ of music theory after a lifetime of avid music listening

  • A 30 year old woman wanting to ‘pick up where she left off’ in piano lessons after quitting as a 13 year old

  • A new retiree with plenty of free time looking to keep his brain active by learning guitar

Regular rates for private students apply.

Please call 226-246-6463 to book your time slot.